We haven’t heard anything new about two PlayStation 4 exclusive games in quite some time. With Sony’s Paris Games Week conference just ending and still not a peep, I can’t help but wonder if these games will ever hit the market.


Wild is an upcoming open world survival adventure game developed by Wild Sheep Studio. Sadly, little to no information has been provided about the game since Paris Games Week in October 2015. Earlier this year, game designer Michel Ancel made an Instagram post featuring an image of the game. He also reiterated that survival game is still in production.

Getting lost in your own game is a great satisfaction . So many landscapes and situations to be discovered . I will try to post regularly some screenshots of the wild . And I promise , I will not spoil the game´s plot ! #ps4#wild

In Wild, you play as a human who can use smaller animals to spy on enemies and larger animals to fight with other humans. The game’s environments are procedurally generated so you never quite know what kind of settings you’ll encounter.


Sony had been banging on the Dreams drum for quite sometime before the title disappeared off the face of the planet. However, Media Molecule has continued to promise the game is still in development. If you didn’t know, they are the studio behind the loved LittleBigPlanet franchise of the last generation.

Media Molecule tweet from earlier today

The game is tools for gamers to make their own game and let their imaginations run wild with creativity. Sony showed off demos of the title showing players using the PlayStation Move controllers to created in-game characters and wolds. Media Molecule also confirmed that Dreams is more than just tools, but actually features a full-blown single-player story. I assume the single player content will consist of puzzle and platforming elements, as it’s what the studio excels at.

Do you think we’ll finally see these two missing games during Sony’s PSX event in December? Do you think Wild will ever hit store shelves? Leave all your thoughts in the comments section below, or on our social media page!

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    1. they are all delayed.you are only gertting the ps3 delayed gt sport at it looks horrible.the ps4 exclusives were done after hzd…lol.this is why im xbox all the way.

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