Developer Media Molecule of Little Big Planet and Tearaway fame is making a game called Dreams. The company has garnered a respectable amount of fans through their history, using the motto “play, create, share.” This catchphrase is the focal point of Dreams, which aims to incorporate all three words into one single experience. The question remains; where is it? Promises about the game are kept unfulfilled, with a still unknown solid release date. What could be happening with this dream of an experience?

Dreams was initially teased back in 2014 and fully revealed during Sony’s E3 press conference in 2015. This reveal, more akin to a teaser, stated at the beginning of the video that everything seen within was created on a PlayStation 4. What proceeded was a mix of various genres and environments. A polar bear sliding down a hill with its young, a spaceship pilot weaving through debris and dodging enemy fire, and finally a diseased world with zombies and a character that looked dressed up as a teddy bear smashing them all back with a large hammer. It was hard to tell what Dreams was all about, but interest was piqued in the game. More details were promised soon.

The team behind the game promised a beta for gamers to try the game for themselves in 2016, but that never happened. In December of 2017, another trailer for the game was released, illustrating how the world in dreams could be manipulated and changed to, however, the player wanted it. It also showcased the diverse nature of the engine, with side-scrolling adventures, Space Invaders style shoot em ups, and full 3-D adventure all taking place in various environments. The trailer ended with “Coming in 2018,” but we haven’t heard anything else on the project since E3 this year. Sony’s E3 conference in 2018 involved various characters in the Dreams universe as in-between snippets between trailers and reveals. During E3 proper, the creative director at Media Molecule played a demo of Dreams, which showed how the interface works and how games can be found and created online.

For basically four years, Dreams has been an unknown quantity. We’re over halfway through 2018 with no release date still. There have been small details revealed slowly over the course of these four years, explaining the questions the community had after the initial reveal. I think this game was revealed too early. Because of its ambiguousness initially, many gamers were lost in translation. It took too long for the game to be talked about in any concrete detail, and the trend of views on YouTube to anything officially related to Dreams is on a drastic downward spiral, with hundreds of thousands of views less than each previous video.

Dreams PS4 gameplay

I don’t think Dreams will be released in 2018 as has been advertised. I also think Media Molecule is hoping to avoid No Man’s Sky syndrome with this game. We’re all familiar with the miscommunicated NMS fiasco of 2016. In order to avoid immense expectations, Media Molecule is trying to make sure that the message is clear before release. This message hasn’t really been sent yet, let alone received. Not to mention how incredibly difficult a game like this must be to make. Interest in the title has obviously waned, and the team needs to come back strong with a clear message on what Dreams is all about. PlayStation Experience 2018 may just be the perfect opportunity to do just that.

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