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PlayStation largely dominated the DICE awards with God of War and Spider-man leading the pack. However, PlayStation’s Shawn Layden took the time to admire the entire industry and the progress that game developers have made over the years.

In his speech to the packed crowd, he acknowledged the maturity of the industry and how it has evolved with its ever-increasing cultural impact. “The community has grown because gamers don’t out of gaming any longer. We’ve got a lot more folks with grey hair now than we used to. Myself included. And we do not see games as childish things to be put away,” Layden remarked.

A position that many gamers have held over the decades the industry has been in existence is that games are an art form. Layden commented on the potent ways in which this art form can reach people and bring people together. “We can continue to bring together new friends and old over vast distances and life circumstances,” he said.

Competition breeds innovation

Layden didn’t stop there. He continued to drive his message of unity within the industry home as he praised Nintendo and Microsoft in their achievements. Furthermore, the PlayStation exec noted the growth that Sony’s brand has had to go through since the failures of the past generation. PlayStation 3 helped pave the road to success for PlayStation 4 as the company learned it needed focus on the gamers.

“We make games. We make experiences that entertain and inspire.” Layden doesn’t want to lose sight of that and charged gamers with continuing to pressure the industry to be better and innovate. “I’m looking to all of you to make us do better. Be better.”

In an especially poignant speech, it’s thrilling to see the unity of the businessmen and creators behind the games we enjoy. The message of unity and continual improvement is one we can all share on both an industry level and personal level moving into the new year!


Chris Hinton
Accountant by day, video games enthusiast by night.  Somewhere in between all of that, I'm a husband, dad, and generally a giant man-child, too.  If a game is all about action, there's a safe bet I'm playing it.  I started laying waste to virtual worlds as a youngin' on the ol' Atari and haven't stopped since.


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