After an impressive five years of supporting Shovel Knight with new content and expansions, developers Yacht Club Games have finally unveiled the release date for the last two expansions of the series.

Previously, a December release window was touted by the team, but now we know that both Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Shovel Knight Showdown will launch on December 10.

This will bring down the curtains on Yacht Club Games’ work on the project as a whole, and it has been one hell of a ride.

For those unfamiliar with the upcoming additions, King of Cards is a story add-on for the base game, similar to Plague of Shadows and Specter of Torment. Players will assume the role of King Knight, who brings his own wildly different gameplay mechanics to the table for a fresh experience.

Shovel Knight Showdown, on the other hand, is a multiplayer party game where the colorful characters from the game’s universe converge and clash against each other. With over 16 characters to choose from, players can also go in solo against CPU-controlled opponents.

Meanwhile, Yacht Club Games is already on their next project, Shovel Knight Dig, and we eagerly await new details regarding the new title.

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