Just as soon as Blizzard began teasing the next hero to join the roster of Overwatch, we now have a reveal of the character’s rather tragic origins. Sigma will be the latest to join the fight in the hero shooter, and he is definitely no hero.

Experiments with gravity gone wrong and a villainous monologue to boot, it is safe to say the good guys of Overwatch will have plenty on their hands to deal with as Sigma bolster the ranks of Talon.

And who is not excited to harness the power of the universe?

While there is not yet a release date slated for the release of Sigma, but the previous hero release, Baptiste, had a short turnaround between his story trailer and eventual release. This could easily mean that Sigma could be playable within the month or in early August.

As Overwatch begins preparing for the latest addition to the roster, Blizzard has also begun testing of a new Role Queue feature that will hopefully bring balance to matchmaking. Players will pick their roles accordingly and be matched up to form teams of tanks, supports, and damage types. You can also join in the summer fun as the Summer Games are currently underway.

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