Some new Silent Hills details have come to light recently, as people in the games industry share details about the game that they heard about after its demo, PT, went live. PT was a first person horror game that was thought to be called Playable Teaser, but when it was finished it was revealed as a demo for Silent Hills, what would have been a new entry to the Silent Hill series. The new details today come from Alanah Pearce on Twitter, originally reported by the Silent Hill Forum, a writer and producer in the industry. Check out her Tweet below and read on for more details.

As you can see, there’s a disturbing fact in here. According to this tweet, the game could have sent emails and text to players whilst they weren’t even playing the game, or at home, or anywhere near their console. This would no doubt have been a further effort from Hideo Kojima to bring that sense of dread and horror into real life, making players think about the next time they’re planning to play the game, even when they just want to sleep.

We know that Hideo Kojima wants to make another horror game, and actually finish it this time. Maybe this feature will make it into his future horror venture, as long as there isn’t anything even more terrifying he can work into that game.


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