Ski Jumping Pro PSVR

Kalypso Media and developer Yippee announced that their newest game, Ski Jumping Pro VR, is coming to PSVR. The sports simulator features Andreas Wellington, a two-time ski jumping Olympic champion. Namely, the game is a complete makeover from the highly regarded mobile title Ski Jumping Pro, which is available on Android and iOS. Furthermore, you can take a look at how much improvements Yippee has incorporated in the Ski Jumping Pro VR version in the trailer below.

Ski Jumping Pro VR aims to recreate the height and speed that’s characteristic of professional ski jumping on PSVR. As well, the game features a unique view through the life of the Olympic Gold Medallist Andreas Wellinger. According to Kalypso, this PSVR videogame has easy to grasp, but hard to master mechanics.

Ski Jumping Pro VR packs a total of 32 venues across 19 international locations, all inspired in real-life ski localities. Moreover, there are different weather conditions for each stage, making competition against other players a different experience each time. In addition, Ski Jumping Pro VR has a career mode and a Quick Jump mode. Also, character and equipment customization and upgrade is an essential component included in this title. These upgrades unlock gradually as you dive into the game. Ski Jumping Pro VR will be available for PSVR on PlayStation 4 on December 6.


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