Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games has been acquired by Sony

Even though Insomniac Games has mostly worked on PlayStation exclusives, they also developed Sunset Overdrive for Microsoft. Now, after their last endeavor with PlayStation, Marvel’s Spider-Man, it has been announced that Sony has bought the California-based studio. As reported by Kotaku, Sony has confirmed that Insomniac will now develop games exclusively for PlayStation.

Insomniac has a track record of great franchises like Resistance and Ratchet & Clank. The studio was founded in 1994 and has remained an independent studio for 25 years. After working mostly with Sony, Insomniac Games went on and developed Sunset Overdrive as an Xbox One title. As well, the studio endeavored in VR titles like Stormland, which is going to be released as an Oculus Rift exclusive.

Their most recent and notable work has been the widely praised Marvel’s Spider-Man. Which, to date, has been the studio’s most successful game with a massive 13.2 million copies sold to date according to Sony. Furthermore, this move surely indicates that Sony is ramping up its exclusive line-up for the upcoming PS5. Sony’s new generation console is slated for a 2020 holiday season release. Thus, it is a great time for Sony to add up to its in-house development studios repertoire. Especially if they intend to keep the brilliant track record of exclusives that PS4 enjoyed during its cycle.


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