It may seem absurd to think now, but there was a time when the PlayStation wasn’t very well thought of by Sony. At the Develop Conference, Andrew House revealed that the PlayStation console was considered to be somewhat of a black sheep when it first launched.

As House and Cerny discussed the history of the PlayStation, they recalled how there was a lot of negativity towards it.

“PSX was viewed extremely negatively from large parts of the corporation,” House said.

“We were asked to volunteer to be part of it and nobody wanted to volunteer to be part of it except from me. When I moved to SCE, my then boss said I was an idiot, why would I want to work on a toy. He said: ‘It will never be a major part of Sony’s business.’

It seems PlayStation beat the odds and is now a hugely successful console from the massivly popular PlayStation 2, to the powerhouse that is the PlayStation 4.

Source: MCVUK



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