Sony seems to be slowly evolving to make PS5 a success

Time flies nowadays and, in a blink of an eye, we will be in the eaves of PS5’s launch. Sony knows this. Lately, we have seen how the Japanese company has been evolving and becoming something different than we saw in the PS4 era. Long gone are the provocations to Microsoft at E3 and their flashy, yet entertaining, conferences. Sony seems to be slowly evolving to make PS5 a success.

Hardware focused

After Xbox One X, Sony still had success with their PS4 Pro, even though its computing power was inferior to that of Microsoft’s offering. This time around, even with their success into account, they seem to be pretty bold in regards their hardware expectations for their next-gen console. AMD has also mentioned that their partnership is certainly producing something powerful.

Sony seems to be slowly evolving to make PS5 a success


According to Forbes, even Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida described what they are currently working on for next-gen as a platform for “hardcore gamers who obsess over the latest features” and “a niche product aimed at serious players”.  This approach is not new to Sony, but it was certainly something they hold back during the era of PS4. Sony seems to be changing gears back to when PS3 was king and their raw computing power amazed not only gamers but press alike. Although the approach might be similar, they seem to have learned the right balance between features and attractive pricing. This combination of experience from the past, along with their signature powerhouse consoles might start PS5 in the winning track.

Community focused

PS4 shined a new light in content sharing. The inclusion of a dedicated Share button from day one announced how committed PlayStation was to make the platform open and community friendly. Sharing capabilities progressed and got better through updates and now, it is a given for any gaming device to allow sharing content in some or other way. Sony is making a similar move but on a more corporate level. Instead of going to E3, Sony decided to move on from E3 this year and go all-digital with their news announcements.

Sony seems to be slowly evolving to make PS5 a success

Many have criticized the move and called it a blatant copy/paste from what Nintendo is doing with their Nintendo Direct and Treehouse platforms. Still, this kind of approach builds a sense of community around a brand. Sony is taking the ‘For The Players’ slogan and take it to the next level. The entire focus of the State of Play platform is to build a community around it. PlayStation is looking beyond the regular industry antics and it’s trying to reach its core audience. This approach might be the right way to introduce and create hype around Sony’s PS5. Eventually, leading to an increase in the amount of current PS4 users migrating to PS5 on the launch date.

Broadening horizons

Sony has always been very hermetic when it comes to their development as a company. When they wanted to launch their game streaming solution in the form of PlayStation Now, they didn’t reach out to any experts in the server field such as Google or Microsoft. They instead opted to buy Gaikai, which was a company that aimed to do game streaming. Fast forward to current times and the story is one that differs a lot from their strategy back then.

Sony seems to be slowly evolving to make PS5 a success

Now, Sony is seeking for Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure to deliver better cloud solutions. This is a very drastic change from the company that some years ago was hesitant to even allow cross-play in their platform, claiming they were the best option in the market as a justification. They are now open to the idea of cross-play and are even venturing with their biggest rival to deliver better and more innovative services. Taking a gamer-focused approach is key to make PS5 appealing from day one and Sony is slowly, but securely, moving to that territory.

Certainly, the Japanese company is taking measures to stay on top of the sales charts next generation. It is a bold move, but one that might eventually pay off. The next months will be key to determine if this move

What do you think of Sony’s approach? Do you believe it is good preparation for PS5 or do you believe they should do more about it? Sound off in the comments below! Keep tuned with us for everything PlayStation!


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