It has been reported by DualShockers that at Sony’s financial conference call for Japanese investors and analysts, Kenichiro Yoshida, the Chief Financial Officer revealed that the slightly lower operating income forecast for the Game & Network Services segment for fiscal year 2015 compared to fiscal year 2014 is due in part to the fact that Sony intends to “aggressively invest” in its gaming business.

Sony views Fiscal Year 2015 as a year that will be full of investments in order to “grow the PlayStation Network into an entertainment network service platform with a meaningful presence.”

It was also revealed that the PlayStation Network has reached 65 million active users, with over 10 million PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Sony aims to increase the figures by expanding the PlayStation 4 user base and then increasing the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Sony also intends to invest in first party software development, original entertainment content and PS Vue, as well as investing in new hardware like Project Morpheus.

When it came to new hardware, Yoshida explained: “there are some projects to be announced from now on.” What this new hardware could be, we can only guess.


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