Although the company has only just announced a staggering 100 million PS4 shipped, it is not all good news for Sony. The 3.2 million PS4 systems that were shipped in the April to June quarter were “slightly below” their internal expectations. And the reason for that is the PS5.

The lower sales numbers were “primarily” caused by the Japanese company’s announcement of the next-generation console, tentatively known but not confirmed as the PS5. Calling it an announcement is also stretching it a bit, as the official unveiling of the console has yet to happen.

System Architect Mark Cerny has shared more details about the specs of the console earlier in the year. Sony has also showcased the swift loading times of the console during a business meeting. However, an actual name or release date has never been discussed.

The drop in PS4 sales is to be expected, especially when a next-generation counterpart like the PS5 is on the way. The reasoning is simple, why go buy a console that will soon be “obsolete” and not the cutting edge of technology? However, price cuts or promotional deals will likely prolong the PS4 sales as we move onto the next big machine.

Sony has “revised downwards” its internal forecast of PS4 sales during the current fiscal year, which ends March 2020. They will be cutting down projections from 16 million to 15 million, which remains a significant number so late in its lifecycle. This “demonstrates that the PS4 platform is still garnering support from many users,” according to Sony, and bodes well moving on to the PS5.

The downward projection extends to game sales as well, with expectations to be flat year-over-year rather than increasing as a result of lower third-party game sales. The free-to-play titles are also expected to generate lower revenue.

The positive note is that Sony expects its “network services” to generate even more revenue in the current fiscal year. For the future, a major point of focus for the company is “preparing for the launch of the next-generation platform,” and continue growing the current userbase for the PS5’s inevitable arrival.

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