Batman: Arkham City lost best selling superhero game to Spider-Man

At least in the United States and according to the NPD, this headline is true. Batman: Arkham City is an amazing game. Even today, almost eight years after its release, its mechanics and storyline are considered one of the best in a superhero game. It raised the bar for superhero games. Now, after so long, it was finally dethroned as the best selling superhero game in the United States.  Batman: Arkham City lost best selling superhero game ever to Marvel’s Spider-Man. The NPD released an updated list of top-selling superhero videogames to match with the start of San Diego Comic-Con.

Mat Piscatella, from the NPD, made the best selling superhero game list available through Twitter. Marvel’s Spider-Man has been out for less than a year, making this feat even more impressive. Following Spider-Man in second place, sits the previous king of this category, Batman: Arkham City. Furthermore, it is good to see that both games benefited from great sales figures. For all superhero fans out there, you can be proud of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

In other news, ChinaJoy confirmed Sony’s presence and a two-hour conference for PlayStation. Aside from this, Sony will also attend TGS and Gamescom. Check out all the details here.


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