I recently finished all three episodes of the Spider-Man DLC “The City That Never Sleeps“, and walked away super impressed. First off, I loved Insomniac/Sony’s rollout plan for this DLC expansion. One meaty episode a month for three months after launch was a genius move. It’s the perfect way to keep the conversation alive for the game far after launch. It’s also a fantastic way to keep people from trading the game in after they’ve completed the main storyline. To add to that, each episode isn’t just packed with a brand new story, but also plenty of side-objectives and collectibles to delve into. Not to mention new PSN trophies (you know my weakness Insomniac!).

While these episodes don’t completely follow each other’s story, they do tie up story threads introduced in previous episodes. For example, a major event that happens in the first episode “ The Heist“, receives closure in episode three, “Silver Lining“. The episodes don’t rely on each other, but instead, supplement each other in awesome ways.

Silver Sable is much more badass than I thought!

The City That Never Sleeps gives us a deeper look at characters introduced in the main storyline. Black Cat and Silver Sable had minor roles in the main story but are much more fleshed out in the DLC. Learning their personalities and more about their past really adds to this new Insomniac Spider-Verse. We also (main campaign spoilers) get a sneak peek at Peter and Miles’ Spider-Buddy relationship.

The City That Never Sleeps DLC is a huge chunk of Peter’s life that shouldn’t be missed. If you were a fan of the main game, then I highly recommend checking out this expansion. You can buy it as a package on PSN for $25.00. Or pay for each episode separately for $10.00 (USD).

We here at PlayStation Enthusiast loved the main game, saying “Combat is off-the-wall fun, web-swinging is amazing, and the open world is fantastically designed.“. You can check out our full review here, or watch the video review below!

Do you plan on picking up this Spider-Man DLC? Have you already played The City That Never Sleeps? Be sure to leave all of your thoughts in the comments section below, or join the discussion over on our facebook page!

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