Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order review embargo time revealed


Over on Twitter the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order review embargo time has been revealed by Metacritic on Twitter. The review embargo time is 9pm Pacific on Thursday the 14th of November, which is just barely a day ahead of the game’s official launch date of the 15th of November. Check out the Tweet below and read on for more details.

A review embargo is the set of rules put in place by a developer or publisher regarding what a reviewer must do as part of their review, such as complete the game, and when a review can be posted. Embargos will also sometimes contain information for content creators about when videos of a game can be posted online, whether livestreams are allowed prior to launch day, and many other stipulations.

However, the review embargo time for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is quite close to the game’s official launch date, a mere three hours prior. This could be an effort on EA’s part to keep the game’s story a secret for as long as possible, since many consumers will want to enjoy the story for themselves as they play the game through for the first time. The embargo time is a stark contrast to that of Death Stranding, which was an entire week before the game officially launched.


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