Stardew Valley new update will let you do 'Everything'

One of the biggest indie hits this generation has to be Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone’s Stardew Valley. The farming simulator/RPG took the world by storm, and while the game offered significant content, life was pretty much over once playres got married and had kids. That is going to change as Barone will be addressing endgame content in Patch 1.4.

Stardew Valley new update will let you do 'Everything' - Multiplayer

“The new 1.4 update does add some depth to post-marriage life… some additions that I’m proud of and I hope are very heartwarming for players… but I know there will always be more that can be done,” Barone stated in an interview with USG. “I’ve been unofficially calling 1.4 the ‘everything’ update because it touches pretty much every aspect of the game in some way or another. One of my major goals was to add in a lot of quality of life features that make the game more convenient and effortless to play.”

There are lots of things like that in this update… once players experience them, I think they’ll wonder how they ever managed to play the game before! From a big picture, I see 1.4 as bringing a whole new level of polish to Stardew Valley, as well as adding in lots of rich and rewarding content to the game.

The previous 1.3 update added multiplayer to Stardew Valley, and players will have plenty more to do once 1.4 hits. While Barone is working hard with an unnamed partner to continue supporting the farming sim, he is also working solo on a new and unannounced project.

If his past efforts are anything to go by, fans will be in for a treat no matter what end product we will get.

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