Capcom has announced Street Fighter V: Championship Edition, a brand new version of the fighting game complete with all the previously released content and DLC.

The edition, which will launch on February 14, 2020, includes every character, stage, and costume that has been released for the game up until now. That totals to 40 characters, 34 stages, and more than 200 costumes.

On top of this, each character’s new V-Skills will also be included in the new edition. A balance update will also be released adding gameplay improvements and depth to the game.

Street Fighter V: Championship Edition has been announced by Capcom and you can watch the reveal trailer below:

Street Fighter V originally released in 2016 and has already received a special edition, in the form of the Arcade Edition. The game has grown massively since launch, increasing its roster and improving many aspects of the title.

It appears that is only set to continue with Yoshinori Ono stating that news on new characters and new content will be coming at the Capcom Cup, which is being held in December. But for now, this Championship Edition is a great way for new players to jump into the fighting game.

Street Fighter V: Championship Edition releases for PS4 on February 14, 2020.


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