In a new trailer released today, Capcom has invited a familiar foe back into the world of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The terrifying monster in question is none other than the fanged wyvern, the Stygian Zinogre, and it will be coming alongside yet another free title update this December 5.

Players can look forward to getting new weapons, armor sets, and even a new tundra region in the Guiding Lands, which is exactly where you will find the Stygian Zinogre lurking.

Originally making its debut back in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, followed by appearances in 4 and 4 Ultimate, as well as bringing the hurt online in Monster Hunter Z and Online. The latest incarnation of the beast certainly looks like a fearsome prospect, and the Stygian Zinogre has never looked this good.

In the meantime, hunters can already take part in the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne x Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds crossover event, with the first quest being available now. Completing that quest will give players a chance to craft a special event-themed Light Bowgun: The Stormslinger Prototype. The quest, titled Into the Frozen Wilds, is available until January 10, 2020.

Roy Postma, an Art Director on the game, went into more detail about the weapon and its design process on the PlayStation Blog.

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