Subnautica has sold over 5 million copies worldwide


It has been revealed that Subnautica, the underwater survival game from Unknown Worlds, has now sold more than 5 million copies worldwide. The game launched for PC in December 2014, in an early access form. Since then it has built up a community that it has worked with in order to create the game that Subnautica is today, with interesting biomes to explore, incredible alien wildlife to understand and fear, and alien infections to pick up. Check out the trailer for the game below to refresh your memory of it, then read on for some more details.

The sales milestone was revealed by Unknown World’s Founder, Charlie Cleveland, during a recent interview with Cleveland mentioned that the game had sold 5 million copies in the interview, but when asked for clarification he explained that the actual figure was closer to 5.23 million copies. However, these are only the copies that players have paid for, because Cleveland added that the number of free copies of the game that have been shipped is at 4.5 million downloads. This is because Subnautica was free for two weeks on the Epic Game Store, but it was also a PlayStation Plus free game for a month at one point.

These figures put the total units shipped for Subnautica at closer to 10 million rather than 5 million, an astounding number of units. Of course, there’s a lot to love about the game. In Subnautica players are stranded on an ocean world, and they must build a base in order to survive, then head out into the world’s waters to explore and uncover parts so that they can travel further and deeper, and hopefully find a way off of the planet.

Subnautica has a sequel called Below Zero. the game is still in early access right now, but it’s sure to come to PlayStation 4 when it launches as a fully fledged release. We’ll keep you updated with the details as the game’s development comes closer to completion.


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