At the close of tonight’s action-packed Sony press conference, we saw a surprise reveal of a new PSVR game titled Déraciné. Sony has managed to snag a major developer for this one – From Software, of Dark Souls fame – although Déraciné looks to be unlike anything we have seen from the developer in the past.

“Déraciné” is a French word meaning “uprooted or displaced from one’s geographical or social environment.” This seems consistent with the trailer’s tone and empty, mysterious environments, although there is not much else that we can tell about the game at this point. The trailer begins by showing still images of wildlife before moving onto some black-and-white depictions of human beings. Some dialogue early on in the reveal trailer refers to “a world where time stands still, where nobody can see what you’re up to ever again.” While incredibly mysterious, this does appear to be in line with the game’s title. Beyond that, though? We know just about nothing.

The most intriguing of the few VR reveals we have gotten in this past week, Déraciné will certainly be a major departure from form for developer From Software. It is, however, further evidence that Sony has yet to give up on its VR machine, and support from major developers is still not out of the equation.

Andrew Rockett
Reviews Editor at Nintendo Enthusiast. I am a major fan of all consoles and eras. Follow me on Twitter @habitablestorm3 to watch me tweet about the many old games I love to spend time with.


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