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Take a look back at your year in gaming on PlayStation 4


Sony is asking people to look back at their year in gaming on PlayStation 4 with a new feature on the PlayStation Blog. The new feature takes someone’s PlayStation profile and works out what their year in gaming on PlayStation 4 has looked like in 2019 based on all of the data they’ve collected through it. Obviously this will look different for everyone, and it appears as though there is some sort of reward for just looking. I will say that I haven’t managed to figure out what the rewards are, if anything, but I have managed to check out my most played games of 2019. Check out my data below and read on for more details.


As you can see, the system isn’t quite perfect. Apparently I played loads of Destiny 2, less than half those hours of Anthem, and then half of those hours again in Anthem, I think. I can say that the data is pretty accurate, I’ve played loads of Destiny 2 and Anthem in 2019, with very little else in-between.

The feature also tracks your top genre, which was first person shooters for me. That also wasn’t a surprise. Moving further down, the feature combines all of the hours you’ve spent gaming. In total for 2019 I clocked in 266 hours, made up of 194 hours locally, played over 153 days, with a longest gaming streak of 7 hours. I aim to push tat gaming streak way past 7 hours in 2020 before the end of the month, so make sure you check back in next year to see how well I do. The feature also points out that Saturday was my prime gaming time, which doesn’t make that much sense to me because that’s the day I spend with my daughter, so I clearly spend all of my Saturday evenings gaming.

Finally, the feature also shows how many trophies I earned for the year. In total earned 180 new trophies, made up of 152 Bronze trophies, 23 Silver trophies, and 5 Gold trophies. Yes, I am a scrub who can’t earn a single Platinum in a year.


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