Tales of Arise gets a new trailer and tons of exciting details at TGS 2019

Tales of Arise recently got a new trailer and tons of exciting details at TGS 2019. If you’re a JRPG fan, this is undoubtedly something to be excited about! The Tales saga is by far one of my favorite JRPG franchises, with Tales of Symphonia being my favorite of them all. Tales games have a big following and for the right reasons. The franchise has, at least in its majority, deep and emotional stories that don’t disappoint, with drastic and well-elaborated plot twists. Now, the time has come for Tales of Arise, and, it keeps only getting better by each announcement and a new trailer released. Tales of Arise new trailer was unveiled at TGS 2019, check it out right here:

The trailer sheds additional light on story details and briefly shows gameplay. The graphics are stunning and a new high in the Tales saga. Aside from the new trailer, we got plenty of additional details in the Tales of Arise stage event at TGS. The event was led by Producer Yusuke Tomizawa and the Japanese voice actors of two of the main characters in the game. Takuya Sato will be voicing Alphen, and Shino Shimoji will perform the role of Shionne.

These are some details unveiled about Tales of Arise by Tomizawa at TGS:
  • In the world of Tales of Arise, all things and beings carry ‘Astral Energy,’ which is a type of energy linked to Dahna and Rena, the planets where the game takes place.
  • Shionne is from Rena. The people from Rena can use ‘Astral Artes’, which, in its most straightforward form, is magic that utilizes Astral Energy.
  • Alphen suffers from amnesia, and can’t feel pain. He is still mortal, though.
  • The flame sword depicted in the trailer is a type of magic that Shionne can use. Although, due to Alphen’s lack of pain, he is the only one who can wield it.
  • Tomizawa also mentioned in the TGS showcase that the recordings for Tales of Arise are not yet completed. Although they are around 40% done with this task.
  • Shionne is afflicted by ‘Rose’s Curse.’ This curse causes pain to anyone who touches Shionne, which makes the perfect match between Alphen and Shionne’s ability.

Tales of Arise gets a new trailer and tons of exciting details at TGS 2019

Undoubtedly, Tales of Arise had a magnificent show at TGS; it will launch on PS4 in 2020.

Also, speaking of amazing TGS presentations, Final Fantasy VII Remake demo at the event showed off Classic Mode, Tifa, and Aerith. Read all about it here.


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