A blog post on the PlayStation blog by Game Director Neil Druckmann has confirmed a new release date for The Last of Us Part II, and it is May 29, 2020.

According to Druckman, despite the big hype moment last month with the “big blowout for the game, letting media play over two hours of it along with debuting our new story trailer and revealing the release date,” the team was still not satisfied with the product when heading towards the goal.

“It was during the last few weeks, as we were closing out sections of the game, that we realized we simply didn’t have enough time to bring the entire game up to a level of polish we would call Naughty Dog quality,” Druckmann state. “At this point we were faced with two options: compromise parts of the game or get more time. We went with the latter, and this new release date allows us to finish everything to our level of satisfaction while also reducing stress on the team.”

As for fans eager to see the sequel but having to wait again, the team at Naughty Dog “know the extra few months will add to what may already be an excruciating wait for all of us,” but remain “grateful for your patience and continued support. Come next May, you will finally rejoin Ellie in The Last of Us Part II.”

Original story:

Not all is well at Naughty Dog, it seems, if rumours are to be believed. As reported by Kotaku earlier today, sources close to the happenings over at developer Naughty Dog has seemingly stated that The Last of Us Part II will be delayed to the spring, instead of its announced release date of February 21, 2020.

This is likely a decision made by both the studio as well as Sony Interactive Entertainment, and a huge surprise considering the announcement of the release date was only recently made during a State of Play presentation. A proper statement is expected to be released later in the week, confirming the delay.

The Last of Us Part II has been a highly anticipated sequel, especially after the critical and commercial success of 2013’s The Last of Us on the PS3. The new entry will focus more on Ellie and her adventure in a world devastated by a biological catastrophe, and not to forget the return of father figure and reluctant hero, Joel. First announced back in December 2016, the first footage of the game was shown at E3 2018.

The delay of The Last of Us Part II might not be a bad thing, however, considering how crowded the first half of 2020 is. Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out early March, while CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 hits the month after. With PlayStation gearing up for the launch of the PS5 during the holiday season, The Last of Us Part II is expected to be a fitting swansong to the current generation.

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