The Last of Us is (dare I say it) my favorite game of all time. It hit all the right notes when it came to story, characters, and gameplay throughout an emotional journey of a man and an adolescent girl trekking across the U.S. It’s an emotional roller-coaster the whole way — a daunting, and unforgettable experience. Anyway, you know all of this, unless you’ve been under a rock since 2013. Now, The Last of Us Part II is coming — while we don’t know much about it, I can’t help but wonder what’s next for Joel and Ellie. Here are three things I want from The Last of Us Part II.

Show Us What Happened In Between The Games

I know a lot of people might disagree with this one, but I would love some form of flashbacks or stories about what had happened in between the two games. I’m curious how Ellie has been coping with the thought of Joel dooming all life on earth because the love he has for her. A part of her must resent him for doing what he did. I want to experience her thought process throughout that time in her life. Also, it’d be awesome just to see her grow up into the adult she is in the trailer.

A couple years back Naughty Dog had a live performance called The Last of Us Live featuring the full cast of the game acting out the cutscenes. It was super cool, and like nothing I’ve ever seen. During the live show, Naughty Dog showed the audience a secret cutscene that wasn’t included in the game. In fact, the cutscene was set after the events of the game. The crowd described it as Ellie playing guitar in her room at Tommy’s camp, then Joel entering and just having a casual conversation. But then afterward, Ellie making a resentful face toward Joel. I would love if this scene made it to The Last of Us Part II.

More Down Time

One thing I love about Naughty Dog’s previous game, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is how the characters interacted with each other. There are scenes throughout the game that are just casual conversations during downtime — and there was something special about them. In one instance it’s Nathan and Elena hanging out on their couch just having a normal, married couple conversation. It’s nice just seeing characters we love doing things we wouldn’t normally see in a video game. I wanna see Joel teach Ellie guitar, or tell her more about life before in the infection. It’s a simple concept that can go a long way with making storytelling feeling more personal.

New Enemies

This is a tough situation. For all we know, there are only three different types of infected in The Last of Us’ universe. All of them are three different stages of the same Cordyceps virus (in the image above). Aside from those enemies, there are normal people — which can be just as deadly. I’m curious if Naughty Dog will try to include more types of enemies in The Last of Us Part II. Is it possible? Maybe the virus can mutate even worse than we saw in the original The Last of Us. Either way, I would love to fight something new in this next installment.

What type of new stuff do you want to see in The Last of Us Part II? A better cover system? Better AI companions? Nothing at all? Leave all your thoughts in the comments section below, or on our social media page.


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