The eighth generation, despite its young age, has indeed been quite an exciting one from since its birth back in 2012. While Nintendo may have been the ones to kick it off in the home console category, it’s Sony that has taken the cake tenfold. The PlayStation 4 is only seven months old and it’s hard to believe just how well the system has done. Ever since it was officially announced back in February of 2013, it has been showered with praise as if it were the greatest invention since sliced bread. Countless developers have proudly talked about the system with great satisfaction and millions of gamers the world around have also taken great pride in their purchase. Sony has indeed done quite a number of good things with the system to ensure its almost perfect success. Funny thing is is that this is all quite the nostalgia trip.

March 4th, 2000. That was the release date of what is arguably the greatest gaming system ever released. Yes, that’s right — I’m talking about the PS2, better known as “the King.” This little system was Sony’s Trojan horse back in the day. Not only did it single-handedly topple over Nintendo’s valiant empire for the second time by obliterating the Gamecube’s sales (155 million+ vs. 21 million), it went ahead to break sales and popularity records in gaming history and set a new, previously unheard of, standard for the entire industry. After the original “PSX” kicked off the rising success of the PlayStation brand, it was the PS2 that sent it rocketing up among the stars.

Developers from all over wanted a piece of the PS2. Whether they were western or Japanese, their game needed to be on the system. Despite the fact that it was the weakest of the three, technically four, sixth-generation home systems, that didn’t stop it from seeing game after game added to its library. From Sony’s own classics to third-party treasures, the PS2 had it all. What gamer wouldn’t want a console where you can get practically any of the new, top-tier titles? On top of that, Sony also made sure to give even more people an incentive to bring it into their homes.

The original PSX wasn’t just a game console; it also doubled as a hi-fi CD player. Some games even included music CDs, just to be used on the system. This was a very popular feature that made the PSX so valuable to its users. Because of that, Sony went ahead and enhanced the experience by giving the PS2 the ability to double as not just a game player, but a full-fledged DVD player. At the time, this made the system the bee’s knees. The system was so successful that it even lived on into the market of the seventh generation. While its main competitors were unplugged and gone, it was still sitting on the shelves of stores right next to its own successor, as well as the successors of its past competitors. Many top-tier games were still coming to the system and units were still being purchased. In all, the PS2 had a thirteen-year production run that didn’t cease until January 4th, 2013 .

The success of the PS2 was something unseen. Gamers and non-gamers alike fell in love with the little black box and it became a sight as common as seeing a desktop computer. It was an essential for all entertainment lovers, so it’s no wonder why the PS2 still have a relatively active community fourteen years later and also still happens to hold the ever-so-grand title of “Highest Selling Game Console of All Time,” with over 155 million units sold worldwide 

The PS3 failed to capture the same magic as the PS2. While it had the most power out of all the seventh generation systems, its puzzling architecture and high price-tag made both developers and gamers alike quite sour towards it for quite some time. In the end, the PS3 built up quite an extensive library of quality titles and is now a treat among gamers worldwide. Even so, it also happened to be a double-edged blade for Sony. With that being the case, it is quite the surprise as to how much things have changed with the PS4.

Sony has taken basically every last fallacy that the PS3 had, erased them, and replaced them with some pretty awesome perks. It’s quite logical to come to the conclusion that the PS4 is truly the PS2’s worthy successor. The PS4 is more or less following right in the footsteps of its predecessor and could very well see a similar run of pure success. As said before, developers have been lavishing the system since it was announced well over a year ago and gamers the world around almost seem to be bowing to its “greatness.”

You have a sleek and powerful machine that happens to hold the same structure as PCs, a plus for any developer. You also have a multimedia powerhouse for any and all users to enjoy. Whether it’s to play Blu-Ray discs, surf the Internet, stream music, shows, and movies, or even show off gameplay footage, the PS4 can do it — all at the very affordable price of $399. It’s this monster combination of perks that makes the PS4 seem almost untouchable. Don’t get me wrong, though: the generation is still quite young, so there is really no telling exactly which direction it will take in the next few years.

Sony as a whole is in a financially dire state. They’ve been losing millions upon millions for some number of years now and many of their sectors haven’t fully recovered. It could thankfully be the PS4, as well as the rise of their other sectors, that plant them on solid ground once more. I’m not a fortune teller nor a professional analyst, but I must say that the PlayStation Empire is really making its way back to the top at a remarkable pace.


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