The juggernaut of gaming that is Sony’s PS4 continues to steamroll milestones. According to the latest Sony earnings report, the PlayStation 4 console has shipped 3.2 million units worldwide in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2019. That is 0.6 million more units than in the final quarter of FY2018.

The latest quarter, when combined with the already 96.8 million units that have already been sold since April, bring the PS4 sales up to a massive 100 million units.

As analyst Daniel Ahmad put it, the PS4 is now the fastest console to reach the milestone ever, surpassing both the PS2 and Nintendo’s Wii. While it took the PS2 five years and nine months, Sony’s current console reached the same heights in five years and seven months.

The company is projecting to sell 15 million more PS4 systems this fiscal year, which will see the PS4 sell up to 111.8 million units by March 31, 2020.

Sony is doing well on the software side as well. In the same earnings report, it was revealed that digital purchases of full PS4 titles in the last quarter reached 53%, marking the first time more players are choosing digital. PlayStation Plus has also reached a staggering 36.2 million subscribers, up year-over-year from 33.9 million in the first quarter of FY2018.

These are astounding results, considering the PS4 has been on the market for about seven years. The next iteration of the console is coming, according to Sony, and while details are scarce, the company will hope to replicate the success of the PS4 in the coming years.

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