No one can argue about the importance of the Trophies system that has been implemented for the PlayStation ecosystem since the PS3 days, and while some do not care for it, there is an overwhelming number of gamers who do.

And plenty of trophies are often tied to specific actions/events that happen throughout a course of a game, and if you check the list for many games, oftentimes there are hidden ones that prevent spoilers and are fun secrets to be found while you play.

For trophy hunters, however, the key to knowing everything beforehand is well, the key to getting those elusive Platinums. There are plenty of online guides out there, but a simple press of the Square button on the details screen will instantly reveal its information.

It is amazing, almost as shocking as the number of players who did not already know this tip. This feature was first added in the 4.00 system update ages ago in September 2016. The news definitely made waves in communities dedicated to hunting down this digital prizes, but perhaps was overshadowed by the announcement of both the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro.

Nevertheless, the Internet has a short memory, and the rediscovery of this feature has been the main topic around the PlayStation community after a reddit thread blew up about a user discovering this important nugget of trophies on the PS4.

Read your patch notes people, they are there for a reason! If you are not into trophies, perhaps you will be more inclined to find out why we think Sony and PlayStation should return to handheld gaming, after all, the PS Vita remains a treasure no matter what anyone says!

Jake Su
Trophy hunter and dedicated completionist, love to talk all things games!


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