While Sony officially released more details about the Holiday 2020 launch of their next-generation offering, the PS5, the reveal also included plenty of details about the hardware itself. There is likely going to be new PS VR headset, integration with the PlayStation Now streaming service, and more importantly, changes to the PS5 DualShock 5.

Featuring haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that can offer different levels of resistance, it is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning more about the controller. However, Sony has since filed a patent that may give us a clearer view of what is to come.

In a patent filed October 17, a new hardware peripheral can supposedly “suppress an amount of protrusion of an operation member from an external surface of a chassis while operability of the operation member is maintained.”

“A controller including a chassis, and an operation member which is slidable along an extension direction of the chassis with a predetermined position as a reference, and is rotatable in a circumferential direction of the chassis with the predetermined position as the reference, and at least a part of which is fitted into a recess section provided in an external surface of the chassis.”

According to the document and accompanying images, it would seem that there will be several modes of use for this unlikely PS5 DualShock 5. It can be “operated in a state in which the controller is placed on a desk,” or  players can pass “his/her arm through an opening at a center of the controller to touch other objects.”

The lightbar of the DualShock 4 is seemingly back as well, with an image “depicting an example in which a light-emitting section is disposed at a predetermined position on an external surface of a chassis.” The noteworthy point is that this peripheral is modular, with both triggers and surfaces having multiple mounting points.

There is plenty of technical jargon to go through, but this is likely not a part of the company’s next-generation plans, especially when it looks identical to the Sony Toio, which is targeted at kids. However, stranger things have happened, and we will all have to wait to find out what it actually is.

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