Focus Interactive announced that The Surge 2 has gone gold

Deck 13’s Dark Soul’esq action RPG The Surge caught everyone by surprise. The game got good reviews and a great following. Furthermore, a sequel to this adventure was almost granted. The Surge 2 is now not only a reality, but we are getting closer by the day to its release date on September 24, 2019. Recently, Focus Interactive announced that The Surge 2 has gone gold. Meaning that the game is stable enough to start production. This is a great sign, as we are over a month from its release. This translate to an impending launch date and very little room for delays. Focus jumped into Twitter for this announcement:

Now that The Surge 2 has gone gold, everything is in Focus Interactive hands. The game is, in theory, already in their hands and ready for production. Deck 13 now has enough time to tinker with the game and see if there’re any bugs that need additional ironing for a day one patch. The Surge 2 promises to continue and polish the mechanics the first one was famous for. You can’t simply go mashing buttons and trying to strike your enemy. Strategy will be required to master the combat mechanics on The Surge 2. In addition, this time around you will have way more options to upgrade your Exo-Suit, allowing a variety of different play styles, you’ll just have to experiment around with the modifications available to find one that suits you. The Surge 2 will be available on PS4 on September 24, 2019.

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