The US has now hit a major PS4 sales milestone - 1

Having reportedly shipped 100 million units worldwide earlier in the year, it seems that Sony’s PS4 is doing just fine. And the United States alone is a huge contributor to the amazing sales numbers with over 30 million units shipped.

According to Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad, the US market alone accounts for “approximately 30% of total PS4 sales” and has surpassed 30 million. The other major markets include Japan at over eight million, Germany over seven million, and the United Kingdom just slightly below seven million units.

The numbers are no doubt staggering considering the PS4 has been out for a few good years now, and having officially announced details about the next generation PS5, sales are expected to drop moving forward.

The US has now hit a major PS4 sales milestone - 2

With no release date and plenty of other pertinent questions still left unanswered, it is now all but a waiting game to see how the PS5 will wow us in the future. Or to see just how well the PS4 continues to perform as we prepare for gaming’s next generation.

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