thrustmaster eswap pro controller

If you’re one of the many people looking for a new, and better controller for your PlayStation 4, you might want to check out peripheral maker Thrustmaster’s new PS4 controller.

Called the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller, this bad boy has buttons instead of paddles for back buttons (perfect for shooters), and lets the player swap modules, which means you can swap the placement of the directional pad, analog sticks, and more! Check it out in action in the trailer, and see how this new thing might actually be useful instead of being just a gimmick.

There is one big deterrent to this thing though, and that’s the price. The Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller price is at a staggering 170£, which is at $208 in today’s conversion rate. If that’s fine by you, then you might want to pre-order this now (no official US release yet), as it’ll be out this November 5, 2019.

If you’re familiar with SCUFs and other high-end controllers, then the price is a lot easier to take. That said, with the PS5 right around the corner, and no confirmation that we’ll be able to use our PS4 controller with Sony’s next-gen machine, some might balk at this thing’s release timing.


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