Time travel could be key to Destiny 2 future content - 1

The latest Destiny 2 Vidoc from Bungie talks about what players can come to expect in the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion, but also throws in some hints about where the Guardians will be heading to next in their adventures.

A certain clue seems to be suggesting that Bungie is bringing time travel into the mix, which will most likely be related to the stories of the Vex, the Hive, and of course, the Dreaming City.

Director Luke Smith and Production Director Justin Truman can be seen in footage filling up what seems to be the content plan for upcoming Destiny 2 seasons. Each season is seemingly governed by a particular top-level player goal, and in the Season of the Undying, which takes place shortly after Shadowkeep releases, the goal will be to “Dam the Flood.”

With the season being about the Vex making their move on the Moon and other locales in response to the Hive’s own plans, we could well be trying to stop the Vex from flooding the universe.

What follows next is the Season of the Dawn, which simply states to “Fix the Timeline,” and if that is not something to do with time travel, we do not know what is.

Time travel could be key to Destiny 2 future content - 2

We do know the Vex are time-travellers, who constantly run simulations to move towards a future where they are the dominant force. The Vex will be playing a huge role in upcoming story content for Destiny 2, and suffice to say, a long ride is to be expected.

The Dreaming City also has stakes with time-travel, as it is trapped in a constant time loop that repeats the same three weeks over and over again. Although players have been trying for close to a year, the curse of the city remains intact. The lore for Destiny 2 points towards a Vex mind that is responsible for the time loop, and perhaps Shadowkeep will give players a chance to end it once and for all. As the curse is crucial to the strengthening of Savathun, a sister of the Hive’s king, Oryx, it is in everyone’s interests to see it come to an end.

A familiar location from the first game is also referenced, the Black Garden remains home to the Vex invasion coming in the Season of the Undying, and will also be home to the new raid – Garden of Salvation. Players were tasked by the Stranger to stop the Vex’s plans in Destiny, and she herself appears to be a time-traveller as well.

The Vidoc also shows off the warmind Rasputin, the Infinite Forest on Mercury, and more images of the Dreaming City. With Shadowkeep arriving real soon, it is interesting times to be a Destiny 2 player, and we can expect Bungie to continue expanding the lore and hopefully reach some important conclusions.

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