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Timespinner Kickstarter hits PS4 stretch goal; PS Vita stretch goal not far behind

Timespinner Kickstarter

The crowdfunded 2D-pixelated game, Timespinnerwill make its way to the PS4.

Inspired by side-scrolling platformers of the Super Nintendo and PlayStation era, Timespinner by Luna Ray Games stars a young heroine with the ability to manipulate time. She uses her time-altering powers to exact revenge against a powerful empire that invaded her home and killed her family in this Metroidvania-inspired game. After reaching its Kickstarter goal of $50,000 in one week, stretch goals for Timespinner to extends its release outside of PC, Mac OS X, and Linux were established. Yesterday, the game reached its PS4 stretch goal of $65,000. To ensure a PS Vita port, the Timespinner Kickstarter will need to raise $75,000.

At the time of this writing, the Timespinner Kickstarter has raised a little over $67,000 with 17 days left to go. A stretch goal promising local co-op mode is set at $90,000 for the game. Kickstarter backers who previously contributed to Timespinner can add an extra five dollars to their donation, if they wish for a PS4/PS Vita cross-buy download code of the game.

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