With day one of the Tokyo Game Show 2019 over, we got an extended look at Hideo Kojima’s upcoming Death Stranding at the PlayStation Presents Live Show, and as expected, it was pretty wild.

Death Stranding headlined the show, and came out strong with a gameplay demo that seemingly revealed more about the game and confused us at the same time. With no English subs and only the Japanese broadcast to go off on, here is what we understood from the gameplay and that awesome boss battle.

  • There appears to be different suits for Sam to don.
  • Weight management is a key component of the game.
  • There are 9 different stats for Sam – Movement speed, balance, rugged terrain resistance, sync level, battery capacity, stamina/fatigue resistance, carrying capacity, resistance to falling unconscious, and lung capacity
  • Sam’s ladder can extend up to 10m, and can be used vertically and horizontally. You can leave it behind for other players to use as well.
  • Triumph, the motorcycle company worked with Kojima Productions to create the motorcycle that Sam Bridges uses, Norman Reedus is a fan of the brand in real life as well.
  • Sam can obtain a harmonica, and the baby in the BB Pod certainly enjoys a tune or two.
  • Delivering luggage is but a small part of Death Stranding.
  • The very same baggage can be dropped if players are not careful, especially if you slip on rocks or fall into water.
  • Depositing items or dropping them will allow Sam to move and turn more easily.
  • Other human players can leave items for you in your game world.
  • A Bola gun can eliminate enemies with a lasso mechanic.
  • A Power Skeleton lets Sam boost his running speed, he can even catch up to a truck and hijack it.
  • The map in Death Stranding is detailed, even providing topographical details with elevation and water features.
  • You can set waypoints/markers on the map for direction.
  • Sam can take a break from the activities of Death Stranding, enjoying the sights and sounds of the world. There were also commands that let him enjoy a massage and nap to recover.
  • Baths are essential for Sam to recover his energy.
  • Much like the Fulton system, Sam can utilise a “Floating Carrier” that follows behind him, and hovering.
  • The same carrier can be used as a ride for Sam.
  • Monster Energy is a thing in the game, and Sam can drink them to recover Stamina.
  • The boss fight with a huge, dog-like creature requires bio-weapons to take down, such as Ex-Grenades or Hematic Grenades. An Anti-BT gun that runs off blood is used to defeat the dog.

Tons of Death Stranding details shown at TGS 2019

There will be more coming from both Kojima and Death Stranding throughout TGS 2019, so stay tuned. The game launches this November 8 for the PS4.

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