Tools Up, a new co-op home renovation game, has been given a PS4 release date for December 3, 2019.

The game is the newest in a selection of Overcooked-style multiplayer games where you are asked to complete a challenge with friends against a timer. Tools Up! opts to have you build a house and match it to a blueprint so that when the owners come back it looks exactly how they want.

This can be done tearing down walls, changing the wallpaper, throwing items (and people!) into new rooms, and building whatever you can in the time you have.

A press release from Gematsu reveals some more details about the game including the following:

“There are four characters when you start but so many more to unlock and love!”

“Afraid of messing up the game for fellow players? Don’t be! Tools Up! lets you take whatever part you want in the renovation! Are you the hardcore renovator that wants to multitask? Great! Or are you more of a furniture pusher? That’s amazing too! Just running around and being a clown is still an important role—house renovation is a complicated science. And we don’t judge.”

You can watch the latest trailer for Tools Up which announces the PS4 release date.

Tools Up!’ launches for PS4 on December 3, 2019.


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