Looks like Treyarch wants to shake things up a bit for the Call of Duty franchise. And one of the bug changes is coming to it’s campaign. They way they’re doing it, you may ask, is by adding co-op to its campaign again.

Remember World At War? If you don’t, well maybe you should go jog your memory because that was a great Call of Duty game. Anyways, in World At War, also developed by Treyarch and the last game to be set in WWII, featured Co-op in their campaign. Except, since then, things have changed a bit in the Call of Duty storylines. See, back then we played as the silent protagonist soldier for the most part. There was no real “character”. Therefor, it was easy to add another playable character to that campaign style which is exactly what they did back then. You were basically any other soldier.

The thing is, Call of Duty has kinda steered away from that nowadays for the most part and made their main protagonist an actual “character” who isn’t just a blank canvas, but rather has their own personality. So, the big question is, how will Call of Duty integrate that type of campaign with four protagonists?!

Treyarch has made it clear that Black Ops 3’s campaign will not just be a single player campaign but with more people playing with you like it was in the past. One of the biggest reasons why, is because this time around they’re adding almost full player customization to your character in both multiplayer and single player. So, how can you have a Call of Duty campaign with more than one protagonist? We’ll probably just have to wait and see at E3 this summer. One speculation is that it would almost be like an MMO-RPG style. Nothing has been confirmed how that will work out just yet.

One thing that was confirmed, however, is that the game world will be bigger and the players will have more freedom to choose which way they’d like to choose based on their circumstances, however it’s not free-roam. To add to that, the envies AI are supposedly supposed to be much more advanced than previous game, because they’re built with the fact that there may be more than one thinking, human controlled character in mind, meaning the AI can be smarter and stronger to take down the human controlled players. The power of next-gen huh?

Another thing, if you pre-order the game, you will have access to the beta, and you can now digitally pre-order the game for digital download.

Anyways, you can expect more news during E3 this year and along the way as Treyarch and Activision announce more about the game. We’ll keep you informed down the stretch, and until then we’re just waiting for November 6th, which is when the game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (so far).



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