Two new Capcom games might be revealed at Jump Festa 2020


It’s been reported that two new Capcom games might be revealed during Jump Festa 2020, which will be taking place between December 21-22 2019. Jump Festa is an event that celebrates the biggest anime and manga franchises, focusing on incredibly popular brands like Naruto, but also lesser known ones. Capcom has confirmed that four of their games will be at the event, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, and Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection are two of them.


Capcom has kept quiet about the other two games of theirs that will be at Jump Festa 2020, which has led Dualshockers to believe that these are two unannounced games. If these games are yet to be announced, it’s almost certain that they’ll be announced at Jump Festa 2020, or there would be two very odd booths at the event with unnamed games that attendees can’t see.

It’s thought that rather than these games being brand new IPs or sequels to current franchises, they’ll instead be remakes of some description. With Jump Festa 2020 being an anime and manga focused event, it it’s possible that a new game based in one of the many anime and manga series out there will be announced. A number of anime series have been created based on Capcom IPs such as Devil May Cry, so it’s possible that this time Capcom is making a game about an anime or manga series.


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