We all attended the first PS Vita funeral when Sony announced it wouldn’t be developing any more first-party titles for the handheld. You thought that was the end? Nope! It received a second funeral when Sony stopped manufacturing US hardware units. The third time was a charm when the Vita received another funeral not long after Sony ended production of physical Vita games. Then, recently, Sony stopped manufacturing Japanese hardware units, giving the Vita its forth and maybe even final funeral.

Who are we kidding? #VitaLives

I’m certain the PS Vita still has a few more funerals up its sleeve. The handheld is surprisingly still receiving a handful of indies and Japanese-developed games every week. So, when Vita releases finally start to dwindle, the handheld will surely get a fifth funeral. Hell, what about when Sony completely shuts down the Vita PSN? Cue funeral #6! Or what about when PSN trophies no longer sync to the network? Funeral lucky number seven! How about when all Vita batteries are unable to charge? Funeral 8: Tokyo Drift. There are undoubtedly still some ambitious Vita funerals to look forward to.

Note: This is a tongue-in-cheek article and is not to be taken seriously in any capacity

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Brett Medlock
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