WB Montreal teases fans with potential Batman announcement - Court of Owls

As fans around the world celebrated Batman Day on September 22, Batman: Arkham Origins developer WB Montreal got in on the act. Posting a video to celebrate the Caped Crusader, it showed off a series of images that could point towards a new Batman game.

In the 30-second clip, a building is shown with the Bat-signal appearing prominently on the side. However, four separate images are flashed after a short duration, and seems to be teasing Batman related lore and events.

WB Montreal Game Director Geoff Ellenor also shared the video, with a simple caption of “Hmmm, something going on.”

The likely explanation of one of the symbols seems to point towards Batman’s old foe Ra’s al Ghul, with the image that looks demonic bearing a close resemblance to the head of the demon. Another image seems to suggest it is about the Talons, the powerful assassins of the Court of Owls, who have been secretly controlling much of what goes on in Gotham City while hidden in the shadows.

All these would have been pure speculation if it were not for a previous tweet by WB Montreal Associate Producer Valerie Vezina back in December 2018. A photo of her wearing a shirt with a symbol that is likely representing the Court of Owls sent fans and the Internet into a tizzy. With both Rocksteady and WB Montreal being quiet for such an extended period of time, it comes as no surprise that fans are ready for yet another adventure with one of the world’s most iconic heroes.

As the hype machine ramps up once more, this could just be nothing more than an interesting way to celebrate Batman. Or it could be that big news is coming.

The fact that a PlayStation State of Play is happening this week will not help the already crazy anticipation of another Batman game outside of a Fortnite crossover, and we will soon find out if it pans out this Tuesday, September 24.

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