Where the Water Tastes Like Wine got a trailer and release date for PS4

The narrative adventure game, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, got a new trailer and an official release date for PS4. This narrative-driven game takes place in one of the bleakest times in American history, the Depression-era. Specifically, the whole premise of the game is to go through a recollection of stories from that dark time. These tales range from the folk filled ghost children stories to the more adventurous and non-gallant Pecos Bill accounts. Afterward, when these tales are collected, you can share them around a campfire with the characters you meet.

Dim Bulb Games is the developer behind Where the Water Tastes Like Wine on PS4. In addition, according to Johnneman Nordhagen, Creative Director at Dim Bulb Games, the game will feature 16 different characters. Furthermore, each of these roles was written by a different author, and all of them have a unique twist. In detail, to name a few of them, we have Jimmy the preacher, Althea the Blues guitarist, Bertha the Dustbowl refugee, Quinn the hobo kid, and even a Direwolf. Nordhagen penned the Direwolf himself, which is voiced by Sting. Yes, that Sting, the famous lead singer and bassist from the Police. Aside from all the narrative goodness, this title is accompanied by a gorgeous unique art style. Where the Water Tastes Like Wine will be available on PS4 on December 2.

Lastly, changing gears drastically, a new Splinter Cell might have been possibly teased by Ubisoft Spain. Read all the details about this story here.



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