Bethesda has released the 1.0.7 update for Wolfenstein: Youngblood, along with the patch notes for it. This update is the biggest the game has seen since it launched in July.

The 1.0.7 update for Wolfenstein: Youngblood adds a brand new endgame side mission called “Da’at Yichud Artifacts.” Completing this mission will then unlock Treasure Maps, which is a brand new mission type, challenging you to find artifacts scattered around Paris.

The update also adds two new pep signals for you and your co-op partner, alongside new abilities for all three skill trees in the game. Finally, a selection of new skins have also been added to the game. You can read the full patch notes here on the Bethesda Blog.

On top of the patch notes, Bethesda also released a new trailer showcasing 1.0.7 update for Wolfenstein: Youngblood in action.

The game, which was co-developed by Arkane and MachineGames released earlier this year to mixed reviews. In our review, we loved the co-op gameplay and fun story moments with the Blazkowitz sisters, even if they could get annoying at times. However, the game fell short with a predictable story and poor matchmaking for online co-op. You can read our full review here.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is available now on PS4.


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