A few days ago Bungie and Activision announced that there would be extra content for Destiny exclusively on the PlayStation 4/3 including “more days for beta, exclusive expansion pass content”. This hasn’t gone down well with Xbox fans who, to be fair, have supported Bungie for over a decade.

Via their official blog, Bungie acknowledged the uproar but really did nothing to sooth it. “Bungie wishes you a Happy Bungie Day. This is just a short thank—you to fans who’ve inspired them to strive harder,” they said.

There has been a big backlash on the Bungie forums over this and Bungie responded saying: “There is a surprising amount of pushback right now in our forum about this—there is a feeling by Xbox owners that it’s not really a ‘Bungie Day,’ but a ‘Playstation-owning Bungie Fan Day’—which really doesn’t roll quite so smoothly off the tongue.”

Although Bungie seem to be well aware that Xbox fans are angry, they have offered them no recompense and the PlayStation beta will still be open longer than Xbox’s.

Source: Gamepur


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