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Shovel Knight fans, it is time to rejoice! Amidst their move to a new location, developers Yacht Club Games went on Twitter to announce that both Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Shovel Knight: Showdown have wrapped development.

As the third and final act in the Treasure Trove collection, Shovel Knight: King of Cards will be the biggest in terms of both size and scope out of the past entries in the franchise. Playing as King Knight, 4 brand new worlds and 30 levels await fans of the platformer, and it is up to you to take down the false kings that have taken over the land. King Knight will, of course, have his own bag of tricks to differentiate him from Shovel Knight.

Yacht Club Games are done with Shovel Knight King of Cards and Showdown - King Knight

Shovel Knight Showdown, on the other hand, is Yacht Club Games’ multiplayer brawler with 16 familiar characters to choose from. Up to 4 players can choose their favorite heroes or villains in a free-for-all to determine who is the best, and will also include a story mode. Platforming and fighting probably never looked better.

Both titles are aiming for a December 2019 release, and will come to PS4 and other platforms. They will also be free for anyone who already owns Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, a classy move by developers Yacht Club Games.

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