Yang Jian will be a playable character in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force announced Yang Jian, a new playable character in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate. The ambitious Ultimate version of the title has planned a roster of over 170 playable characters. Yang Jian also has an announcement trailer to go along with the announcement. In this trailer, his water bending infused strikes and ranged attacks are the main attraction. This character is also known as the ‘Genius Taoist Who Delivers Victory.’ Take a look at his mesmerizing moves in the reveal trailer below.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate and Yang Jian

This entry brings new features to the classic hack-and-slash action the saga is famous for. Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate features many new story elements and side quests. In addition, the title features many heroes from Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and the gods of ancient history. This time, the story revolves around all these heroes from iconic franchises teaming up to fight and defeat Odin. The mighty Odin and his army have set to destroy the world, and it is up to all this company of heroes to stop them.

Yang Jian will be a playable character in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

Yang Jian is part of the new additions to this army of heroes that will defend the world in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate. Jian is a calmed nature character that has an incredible intuition in battle. His weapon of choice, a tri-point double-edged glaive, takes the spotlight in the recent trailer. As well, he does not go alone into combat, as he can summon his divine canine companion, Xiaotian. Besides Yang Jian, Koei Tecmo has announced it will reveal one more character before Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate launches.

Lastly, Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate will be available next year on February 14 for PS4. But, if you already own Warrior Orochi 4, you can get The Ultimate Upgrade Pack digitally on the PlayStation Store. Although, if you are a newcomer to the franchise, Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate will be available in physical and digital formats.

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